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I offer competitive pricing… call for an appointment and one complimentary "Touch Up" session.

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• Please click the “ Before Care Menu” below to make sure you qualify for Microblading.

• Prior to your appointment please check with your doctor to determine if your medications will cause any drug interaction with any permanent makeup procedures. 

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For New Clients

New Brows

• Prior to booking, please ensure you are a good candidate for any eyebrow procedure by reading above “Before Care Menu.”

• Please choose from 4 Microblading Procedures listed below.

For Existing Clients

Touch - Up's

• Before 6 months: One complementary Touch Up session for existing clients. This service includes only one procedure, either Strokes or Shading. Must be redeemed 6-8 weeks after Initial Consultation. 

• After 6 months: Stroke’s or Shading call for appointment… pricing based on individual needs. 

List of Brow Procedures


Hair Strokes Only

Microblading hair strokes throughout the entire eyebrow. This process is great for you if you already have eyebrow hairs but it is light and sparse. Your results will be very subtle and natural.

Soft Ombre:

Powder Shading

Your entire brow with the ombré shading effect and your brow hair. A finished make-up powdered look without the hair strokes in the front. Great for oily skin types and for those who desire a soft makeup finish when healed.

Combo Brows:

More Microblading Strokes &

Some Powder Shading

Microblading hair strokes though out the entire eyebrow plus shading at the end to add depth and dimension for the most complete look. This service is for you if you’ve over plucked or have very minimal eyebrows. 

Combo Ombre:

More Powder Shading & Some Microblading

Natural looking microblading hair strokes in the front and a soft powdered effect from light to dark into the tail. Bold at first but will heal powdery, as if you’ve just penciled and blended in your brows. Great for oily skin.

Facials & Microneedling

Facials Types:

 HydraFacial, Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peel, Anti-Aging Cream, Exfoliation, Light Therapy, Manual Lymphatic Drainage, Photo-Rejuvenation & Moisturizing

One of the main reasons people get facials is to deeply cleanse and exfoliate their skin. Removing dirt, oil and impurities from your skin is a necessity for clear, healthy skin. Receiving regular exfoliation removes dead skin cells, which promote new skin cell growth. 


 No one wants to look older than they are… 

Amazing benefits of Microneedling are it reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, Scar Treatment, Sun Damage, Anti-Aging, Shrinks Pores, Improves the effectiveness of topical products and Rosacea Reduction.