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“The perfect brows are a form of art and your appearance is the canvas” – by Joanna

The Art of Microblading

Microblading is a procedure that uses pigments and cosmetic tattooing techniques for enhance eyebrow restoration. This technique uses a hand held tool to consistently draw short strokes that resemble a natural hair growth pattern. 

Microblading Process

Explained every step of the way...


First please call me to set up a free brow consultation. We can discuss your eyebrow needs and specify your desired look. During the section I need to evaluate your desired color shade, your skin type and any allergies or medical conditions you might have.

Initial Appointment
Map & Color

During the initial appointment, I will map out your new brows. Typically I will use extra numbing cream for 20 minutes before starting the procedure. In the meantime, I will match the appropriate shade to your existing brows.


Once you are comfortable and relaxed I will use my hand held tool to start the first pass by drawing strokes or shade in the mapped out brow section. With the new strokes, pigment is deposited into the skin making thin blade like hair. Same process is applied during the second pass, but conservatively to slowly blend into your natural look.


Before the reveal, the pigment is left on to soak into the epidermis. Thereafter, excess pigment is wiped off and your new brows will be reveled! The pigment is waterproof, after few weeks the color will blend in more with your existing color. During the “Touch Up” follow up appointment, I will darken your brows to your desired color.


To assure your brows are properly healing, please follow the outlined steps located  in the  After Care Manu” below.

Thereafter you will be able to care for your eyebrows properly and stride your new brows in public!


Before you leave I will schedule your follow up appointment  for a “Touch Up“. During this session, I will evaluate how your skin had healed and determine if you like to go darker or bolder with your new brow look. And the next day you will enjoy waking up with your new eyebrows, makeup free!

New Clients...

• Please click the “ Before Care Menu” below to make sure you qualify for Microblading.

• Prior to your appointment please check with your doctor to determine if your medications will cause any drug interaction with any permanent makeup procedures. 

Before Care

• Please Read Prior to Initial Appointment

After Care

• Please Read Prior to Initial Appointment

“I love making women feel beautiful and more confident”- by Joanna

Why Choose Me?

I am a Microblading Artist with a certified Body Art Practitioner License and Medical Micropigmentation, post surgery cancer 3D Areola Reconstruction certificate in Florida. Servicing the Fort Myers and Naples Southwest area in Florida.

As a professionally licensed Cosmetology Aesthetician and Medical Micropigmentation professional, I specialize in skin care therapeutic services, eyebrow aesthetics and 3D Areola Reconstruction techniques.

In my last positions I was a self-employed salon owner of J-Spa & Nails in Chicago, Illinois. I successfully ran a high-end salon specialized in all areas of cosmetology for 22 years, servicing clients with their aesthetic needs. In the past I have also practiced cosmetology in other salons specialized in European facial esthetics both in Chicago, Illinois and Germany.

Professional Certifications & Dermatology Studies

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